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Negotiation Skills 3 Simple Tips On How To Negotiate

How can you improve your negotiation skills even if you hate to negotiate? if you’re afraid to get started with it even if you have no idea where to get started in this video I’m going to share with you three tips that you or anyone for that matter can begin using to improve their negotiation skills today. 00:00 how can you improve your negotiation 00:02 skills even if you hate to negotiate if 00:05 […]

How to Land BIG Deals with Big Clients

If you want to grow your business land bigger deals with bigger clients, I’m going to share with you three ways to do it in this video. Hi I’m Evan Carmichael. I believe in entrepreneurs and I got a question for one of my youtube viewers. Love you guys. M3 power who wrote in to say hello “I have a small electric company in which I have two big companies that I install lights. I […]

Can a Small Business Consultant Help You Run Your Business?

Whether you’re starting a new company or growing a current business, there comes a point in every business when the owner realizes they need advice. This is when they wonder and ask themselves, “Should I hire a consultant?” Hiring the right consultant can be a cost-effective way for your small business to leverage specialized knowledge. A small business owner needs to understand the role of a consultant in their business, and to learn how and […]

Science Of Persuasion

Researchers have been studying the factors that influenced us to say yes to the requests of others for over 60 years and there can be no doubt that there is a science to how we are persuaded and a lot of this science is surprising when making a decision. It would be nice to think that people consider all the available information in order to guide their thinking but the reality is very often different […]

Deal-Making For Entrepreneurs – The Triangle of Negotiation

For entrepreneurs, deal-making and negotiation skills are crucial. Being successful doesn’t only depend on great ideas and marketing skills, it also needs a network of deals which all entrepreneurs have to put in place. These include deals for funding,distribution, manufacturing, marketing and promotion, and deals with employees. What are the three angles of negotiation? Essentially it involves managing the three angles of negotiation or the “golden triangle” of negotiation. The three angles are negotiating state-of-mind, negotiation process, and negotiation behaviour. As an entrepreneur, you will […]